10 Extraordinary Questions With… Richard Grund of the Supernatural Response Team

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

My job is so rewarding.  Not only am I able to make my living as a writer, but I have the unique opportunity to interact with some of the most fascinating people in the world.  I’ve done many interviews here on Extraordinary Intelligence, but some of those who agree to answer our questions are truly Extraordinary!  The man I introduce you to in this installment of “10 Extraordinary Questions” certainly fits that description.  So exceptional is his story and line of work, I had to break my own rules and ask him more than 10 questions.

Richard Grund is a man who lives his life steeped in the Supernatural.  His weekly what is difference between viagra and levitraReflections in the Dark and The Porch,  his  group the http://www.estacaodanoticia.com/ and his blog Learn More Here are all part of his mission to shine a light into the darkness and expose the truth of the unseen or supernatural realm.

Some months ago, I wrote an article that was very personal.  It detailed a dramatic shift in my worldview.  That article highlighted three men who played a large roll (and continue to do so) in my life.  The name of the article was ambien pill identifier.  One of those men was L.A. Marzulli who I had the pleasure of interviewing here.  Another was Richard Grund.  The third was Patrick Heron, and once I’ve interviewed him I’ll have fulfilled a “wishlist” of sorts!

So without further adieu, I bring you “10 Extraordinary Questions With… Richard Grund.”

Mr. Grund, thank you so much for taking some time to talk to the readers of Extraordinary Intelligence! For those who are not familiar with your work, please tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Richard Grund?

RG:  Who is “Richard Grund”? Right to the existential question I see.

Richard Grund is a sinner saved by grace, a man after God’s own heart and a servant of the Living God. That would be the simplest and most precise answer.

To get more profound I would say I am someone who remembers what I was like a few moments before I got saved on October 9th 1988 and walks in loving appreciation for every moment after that.

I also remember what I was like and how I got that way so that I can help others who are similarly bound up by the lies of the devil.

Because of that I love the Lord, Yeshua/Jesus, with all my heart, soul and might and try to live each day in a naturally supernatural way, as I believe we are supposed to. I came from a long line of Italians who believed and embraced the supernatural but who also did not realize the inspiration behind that life was not Godly.

For 32-years of my life I lived a supernatural life by walking in the spirit realm through the use of astral projection, saw and conversed with spirits from an early age and used the inborn ancestral curse of demonic power inside of me to do things I now realize The Bible condemned. Those choices almost cost me my life, my marriage, my family and would have cost me my soul had not the love and grace of God intervened. Since getting saved and set free I have spent the last almost 24-years helping others like I was and being a thorn in the side of the powers of darkness.

Your weekly radio program Reflections in the Dark features an often fascinating and unorthodox take on the supernatural and paranormal realm. What was your inspiration to start the program and what is the goal?

The inspiration for the show and for my team, SRT the http://www.estacaodanoticia.com/, came back in 2007 from the frustration inspired by all of the paranormal “ghost hunting” shows out there. When the show Ghost Hunters came on my wife and I watched it. I’ve always kept a watchful eye on anything to do with the supernatural. When I saw the misleading information being promulgated and promoted it inspired me to offer an alternative source of information. I also knew that the traditional church was not offering the Truth I as had come to learn it and were in complicit in the deception. The concept would go through some changes and false starts before finally coming to fruiting in the spring of 2010. The core concept of the show is found in its title – to expose what is going on in the darkness and in the shadows we shine the Light of Truth into it for audiences to see what the Light reveals. And, after that, we hope that the revelation causes the unenlightened to reflect on their choices and make a change for the better.

Your co-host on Reflections in the Dark is Joe Cetrone. I must say I’m so charmed by his east coast accent! Who is Joe and how did the two of you come to host the show together?

Back in 2007 I had read the book by Patrick Heron, Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse 10 Extraordinary Questions With… Richard Grund of the Supernatural Response Team. I reached out to him via email to share some thoughts and experiences I had that lined up with his book. After a few emails and a chat on the telephone Patrick told me about some people he had been interviewed by in Providence, Rhode Island that I should meet. He connected me to them via an introductory email and we spoke on the phone. These men were Believers who also did paranormal investigating that were looking for a way to do it and serve the Lord. When I shared my vision for a Christian Paranormal team that would do things in a Biblical manner we agreed to work together. One of those people was Joe Cetrone. Out of the three people Patrick introduced me to Joe is the only one I am still connected to and working with.

Joe had been a part of the New England/Providence R.I. paranormal community and worked with most of the known “investigators” in the area. He had stopped working with them and was doing house cleansings with the other two men I was introduced to. In our subsequent conversations he saw that there was more to this and wanted to be a part of this new direction I was suggesting. They flew me up to Providence a few times to do some teaching and Bible Studies so that we could get to know one another and get on the same page spiritually. During one of my trips Joe got a call about a house of a mutual friend that might be haunted. He asked me to tag along and to see how they did things. You can see that trip in the first segment of the You Tube video at the SRT You Tube site (http://www.youtube.com/user/SupernaturalResponse).

Later that summer we got our first case about a young woman being physically attacked by a demonic spirit and SRT came together to handle it. This case had been attempted by many other more well-known groups in the New England area and either failed miserably or was driven off by the demon. That case is part two of the video mentioned above.

Since then, we tend to get the calls for cases no one else will take, including The Vatican. Out of this working together and a vision for expanding the influence of SRT Joe and I banded together for the online show Reflections in the Dark. We also have a mutual vision to take the show beyond the confines if Internet Radio to video and TV to expand the exposure and influence. While others in this arena do what they do for profit or gain we see what we do as a ministry and as a service to the Kingdom of God.

2012 seems to have started off with a bang. From bizarre weather patterns and earthquakes to reports of weird noises being heard worldwide and even strange events in the cosmos, we’re barely into the New Year and already it seems things are heating up. Many are looking to Mayan prophecies and other ancient predictions to explain what is happening. Do you believe that there is anything significant about 2012?

I believe what makes 2012 so significant is that the fallen angels and their demonic offspring seem to think it’s significant. The amount of paranormal, New Age and occult activity has been building since 2007 and is culminating in their effort to open the portals or gates on 12/21/12. In my opinion much of what we are seeing, and hearing, is a manifestation of what is going on all around us spiritually. As a society we have been dumbed down (on purpose I believe) about the supernatural dangers in our world. Because of who I am and how the Lord has made me I keep a vigilant eye on these things. Some people call me a Watchman but I do more than “watch” I react as well. I see myself more as a sheepdog to the Great Shepherd who watches over and guards the flock and reacts to the “wolves” if the endanger the flock. To do that I have to keep my eyes open to everything.

I believe what we are seeing now began back in 2007 and is tied into the fascination with the paranormal. I believe the powers of darkness began an agenda that started in 1947 with the event at Roswell that has been in effect since the fall of Satan – to put events into motion that will create a world in which the fallen can return and once again rule & reign. The Bible calls this the Days of Noah. So, the increase in activity and interest in this activity creates a “charged” atmosphere that they can utilize for their own agenda. 2012, I believe, is their intended culmination that if unimpeded will result in some form of a coming out party for the fallen angels and their demonic offspring. Whether they do that as aliens, the return of the gods of mythology, the return of the Mayan gods such as Quetzalcoatl (“feathered serpent” or “plumed serpent”; Feathered-Serpent ) or all of the above I do not know. What I do know is that the indicators are there for some event that will lead to a great deception.

The Pyramid of Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) in the ancient Mayan city of Chichén Itzá

What people need to realize is that millions of people are working toward this very thing by doing ceremonies and “awakenings” of the various sacred sites and vortexes around the world. Interestingly enough these events began in 2007 as well. Energy attracts energy and spiritual energy attracts spiritual energy. So, with all of these events and the worldwide events scheduled to take place all over the world at every sacred site, temple or Mayan ruins such as Chichen Itza something is bound to happen, in my opinion. We (SRT) are watching, working against this and preparing for whatever outcome. In fact, we are raising the money to be at Chichen Itza on December 21, 2012 to be in place in case the Lord needs us to intervene. It’s best to prepare and not need to do anything then need to do something and not be prepared.

Lately, paranormal mania is everywhere. It seems that every movie, every TV show and every form of media is obsessed with ghosts and monsters of all varieties. It ranges from fictional programs about witches and werewolves to reality shows like Ghost Hunters etc. What’s your take on this? Do you believe it is in response to a changing paradigm on how people perceive the supernatural realm? Is there a push in the media to shape the public’s opinion about what constitutes a paranormal experience?

Your question dovetails with my previous answer. Any deception must be perpetrated slowly and with specific intent. To do that there must be a slow, simple indoctrination in the direction things intend to go.

Case in point – many people know about Hitler and the Nazi agenda in WWII. What they do not realize is that Adolph Hitler and his agenda began many years before. Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party (precursor of the Nazi Party) in 1919 becoming its leader in 1921. He did not become Chancellor of Germany until 1933. His agenda to establish a New World Order from his German dictatorship however began in his heart and mind 14-years earlier. For his plan to work he had to change minds and souls from the inside out and to do that he started with the youth in 1922. A slow indoctrination and change of morals and intent started with some as young as 10-years old. By time he came to power in 1933 these youth were now adults and ready to serve his agenda.

This demonically inspired plan is what we are seeing today in our society. To gain the acceptance and submission to the supernatural we have seen indoctrination and changing of the mindset of our youth by making ghosts okay, aliens our benefactors, vampires to be admired and the desire for the supernatural abilities of Harry Potter, the characters of Twilight and the superheroes of our youth acceptable. We are also being set up for the appearance of human who suddenly have supernatural abilities either bestowed upon them or lying dormant inside of them. This would tie in with the rush toward transhumanism and the scientific efforts to expand the boundaries of humanity. What better place to start then with than the media and with our youth?

Another deception being presented to the youth, and the world at large, is that the Cross is either powerless against the demonic or it can only be wielded by a Catholic priest doing a ritual of exorcism. The Bible clearly states otherwise and my experience and actions confirm what The Bible says.

Along with your ministry on Firefall Talk Radio , you are very involved in “paranormal” investigations. What is the Supernatural Response Team and how are you able to use your own understanding of the supernatural to help those who are afflicted by unseen forces?

What SRT is not as much about “investigation” as it about a spiritual search & destroy mission. When we are contacted and offer our help it’s usually for situations that are confirmed to be supernatural in nature. My problem with the “ghost hunting” concept is that they never catch anything, never change anything and the best they can offer is to tell the victim what they already know – they have a problem. We offer supernatural solutions to supernatural problems. We are not there to make friends with this spirit but to get rid of them. We do that through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit and the delegated authority of the King of kings and Lord of lords Yeshua/Jesus. I use the knowledge and experience I gained when I moved in demonic influence against the kingdom of darkness now. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had demons scream at me and call me “traitor” or have a client inform me that the spirits know who I am and scorn my Godly transformation.

Grund preparing for battle with the Supernatural Response Team

Because of my experiential knowledge and free flow of the power of the Holy Spirit I am blessed to be able to see and hear in two worlds. And, because I remember what it was like to be a victim of these dark forces I have a compassion for them that inspires me and encourages them. The benefit of these attributes is what takes some hours or days to accomplish in discovering supernatural activity we discover and remove in an extremely short period of time – never more than an hour or two. While some paranormal teams will spend all night to get a legitimate spirit orb or EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) we get numerous pictures of spirit orbs and capture entire conversations in EVPs. With the SRT team working together through the power of prayerful agreement and intent all of our spiritual gifts and knowledge working together lead to a victorious outcome. The evidence we acquire is for the people to have proof that their experiences were real and that they are gone after we leave because they do not occur again. And, it’s to show the world and the church this stuff is real and there is real threat out there not being dealt with.

Obviously there is a need for privacy when it comes to the services SRT provides, as many of those who seek you out are having problems in their private residences. Without going into too much personal detail, what can you tell us about some of your most challenging investigations?

Yes, privacy is something we adhere to as we do not want the people to be victimized twice because of their situation. I guess the most compelling and challenging from a supernatural perspective was one we did in New Britain, Connecticut in December of 2010. It didn’t take any longer than the others or end any different than the others but this was one where there were a lot more entities involved and one of them claimed to be a Canaanite god named Baal Berith. This ruling prince and all of its subordinates had been plaguing and tormenting this family for many years. There were reports of physical attacks, sexual assaults while sleeping and even the appearance of demonic dogs otherwise known as “hellhounds”. Many other teams had tried to help and only made things worse and some big name paranormal “investigators” has either blown the family off or simply said no. Things had become so bad the mother had to take her children out of the house and moved to another state to get away from the attacks while the husband tried to sell the home. We heard about the case from a mutual friend and took it on. In the dead of winter the SRT team met at the house in late December 2010 to rid the home and land of the spirits.

The most difficult part of this mission wasn’t the mission itself because the power of God is greater than any power they have. Because of whom we represent (Yeshua/Jesus) and the delegated power given to us there isn’t much resistance to us other than the verbal threats from the spirits we catch on tape. It was afterwards that we felt effects of the encounter. During the mission we couldn’t keep batteries charged longer then for a few seconds as they were draining them for energy as soon as they were plugged in. Cameras had to be plugged into electrical outlets to keep them running. What we learned is that they can also drain you of your energy. It took me three weeks to physically recover from this encounter as I had not blocked the entity from access to me. We learned the hard way what they can and will do; especially the higher ranking more powerful ones.

There is always a risk of retaliation of some sort after a mission. The first SRT mission saw a visit by the spirit to Joe’s home expressing its immediate dislike for what we did (seen on the video); after the threat of killing me an electrical outlet melted and should have burned out house down but the Lord protected us and another member of the team got a taunting demonic message left on his answering machine. Since then it’s some sort of electrical problem, rodent problem and even bats clogging a chimney vent that would have caused a fire. We know this is a spiritual war and the things that have been left alone for too long do not like being defeated so we always expect some interference or attacks after the fact. Unfortunately many in the church do not understand that we are “wrestling” with demonic powers and they do no play nice. That’s why, I believe, the church shies away from spiritual warfare.

SRT has managed to capture some compelling evidence of the spiritual realm. Can you share with us some of the best evidence you’ve come away with?

I am attaching a video clip of some of our original evidence and some newer digital pictures. We are currently compiling all of the SRT evidence and missions into one long form video. It will be posted on our website, www.supernaturalresponse.net, in the near future.

Click any image to enlarge and view full gallery.

 [nggallery id=1]

It seems that we are indeed living in strange times with many people reporting phenomena that they cannot explain. I imagine that you are absolutely swamped with requests for help. Does SRT charge for services? If not, how are you able to travel to these locations and provide spiritual assistance?

No, SRT does not charge anything for what we do. We live by the Biblical admonition – Matthew 10:8  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

So, as proof of the Lord’s love for the people involved we give our services free to them. I remember what it was like to be bound and on a journey to destruction and the loving compassion that set me free. And, I have a heart for those experiencing what I experienced. So, we raise the money ourselves from donations and from our host ministry, Solomon’s Porch. We have even gone into our own pockets when enough money was not raised. Sometimes the families in need help out as best they can like the last family who allowed us to stay in the house we were cleansing which saved us money in lodging and food. There is a donation button on the SRT site for anyone that wants to help us help others.

I believe that the people in need have already been victimized by their experiences and need not be victimized further by having to pay for our help. Of course, this makes thing difficult to answer all the calls for help. We have an increasing waiting list while try to raise the funds to get to where we are needed. We are working on raising the money to take SRT on the road, coast to coast, to help all who need it and shoot a documentary about it at the same time. We believe a documentary of this sort will explain what we do, encourage those who are going through the experience themselves and inspire others to take a stand.

Note from Natalina:  If you feel moved to contribute to SRT and help them to continue to assist families around the country,  you can follow this link to make a donation.  http://www.onsolomonsporch.org/donate.html or at the bottom of http://supernaturalresponse.net/

For those who may currently be living in a situation where they are being tormented by a presence in their home, what advice would you give them to get some relief?

The first step is to prove there is something supernatural going on. I always suggest that they keep a record of dates and times of suspected events to see if there is a pattern that can be natural explained.

When it cannot be explained we ask them to check to see if there is an external influence – geography, history of the home, satanic activity in the area, etc. If there is a history of interest in the paranormal or use of things such as Ouija boards, witchcraft, crystals or other supernatural elements they must be renounced and removed. This explains the power behind the attack and what needs to be done to thwart it.

Finally, we ask about their spiritual beliefs. The demonic, on every level, are legalists. If they have the authority to do something they take advantage of that authority. To break that authority you must combat it with a greater authority. The greatest authority one can have is to be a Believer in the King of kings and lord of Lords Yeshua/Jesus. The reason SRT gets done what we do in one visit that lasts no longer than two hours, while others spend all night without effect, is because we move in the power and authority of the Lord. The place to start taking back the power in one’s life is to start with their soul by becoming Born Again. Once that is done they need to enforce that authority over their home, family, pets and possessions. If the presence is more powerful or more deeply embedded then they can reach out to SRT for help. We come in, remove it, shut of its access and teach the person or family how to keep it that way.

I’m so pleased you took the time to visit with us here at Extraordinary Intelligence. In closing, what are some things we can look forward to in 2012 from Firefall Talk Radio and SRT?

Firefall Talk Radio is an off-shoot of a production company I have had since 1997. The goal was to use the examples of the fire that fell on Mount Carmel and the fire that fell in the Upper Room to inspire others to turn their eyes and hearts toward Heaven. Their help in these dark, supernatural times is the Lord and being in right relationship with their Heavenly Father. To do that there must be a response to the works of the devil and other fallen angels who have their dark hearts set on mankind’s destruction. By using the show Reflections in the Dark and the weekly online Bible study on The Porch Firefall Talk Radio can expose what the powers of darkness are doing, teach those who have a desire to know more and to inspire others to live a life of supernatural and spiritual victory. Our goal in 2012 is to shine the Light of Truth into all the hidden places of evil and expose what they are doing. And, our ultimate goal is to awaken the Remnant to shake the world one last time before the Return of the King. Raising the funds to take the show on the road, so to speak, will give our listeners (and viewers) a different look into the supernatural/paranormal that traditional media won’t show them. The powers of darkness know this and they are doing their very best to stop us and to outdo us; all of us who believe. If we (SRT, Reflections in the Dark, The Porch) can change one person at a time and inspire them to change one person at a time we can set a spiritual wildfire that will combat the darkness and destroy their efforts.

Having said all of that, I encourage all your readers to watch and pray. It’s going to get very interesting in the days ahead.

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